About me

Yan BasokHey everybody, my name is Yan. I'm from Zaporozhia and I am 23. I have my beloved, fluffy cat Melissa and I love her very much. I'm always in a good shape. I love riding bicycle and other kinds of sports.

I play football every week and daily workout in gym. I don't like to waste my time on useless things and stupid people. I am productive, friendly and open minded.

Also I like to travel. In 2016 I had been in Turkey and Egypt. This year I visited Spain.

I am working in web development since 2012, right after finishing college where I've got my specialization in Computer Science and Programming. In 2015 I got Bachelor Degree in Programming Software Systems, in 2016 I got my Master's Degree in Software Engineering.

What you will get if you hire me: